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An editor since 1997, Lisa’s honed her editing skills on films including Calendar Girls, Hotel Rwanda, The Inbetweeners and Batman Begins along side well-loved British TV series Vera, New Tricks, Doc Martin and Wolf Hall. She brings her razor-sharp eye and talent for slicing’n’dicing to Stupid Enough, sifting our huge pile of footage for nuggets of gold, like a Wild West prospector.

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While the personal mantra ‘Live For A Living’ has informed a career path that couldn’t be more different from Sarah’s - record shop bloke, pirate radio DJ, photographer’s assistant, driver, music distributor, manufacturer of 45rpm record adapters and co-owner of a record label - Leigh’s human-hyphen role as ideas generator, ass-whupper and long-term schemer with Inkymole has run alongside the many roles played in a life often spent sleeping too little and working too late. Getting his hands dirty in the challenging roots of fledgling creative businesses has informed the core message of Stupid Enough - that there is no standard path: just ‘Make Things Better’.

Sarah is a British illustrator working all over the world. After years of speaking at colleges and universities  - always followed by exhausting unscheduled Q&A sessions and emails asking the same question, ‘but how did you get there?’ - she and partner Leigh developed the idea of making a collection of stories about how other creatives arrived at their careers.  Having always been aware of the myriad different routes through life, Sarah is keen to take the angst out of finding your way, while emphasising the pivotal role of hard work and optimism.

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