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How long will the session last?

The film is one hour long, but allow at least two hours. The film will be introduced, played through with intervals for discussion and reflection; a short break for drinks/ablutions, then concluded. 

There will be a question and answer session afterwards at which any student can pose questions about us, the content, the contributors or anything else!

What should the college provide?

We will need a data projector which can be connected to a Macintosh laptop or iPad and a room suitable for film-watching - so one with blackout blinds, an auditorium or lecture theatre with dimmable lighting - and good audio. The dialogue can be quick and, since it was filmed in a variety of environments, can have background noise.

What do the students need to bring?

Notebooks and pens are essential, although we expect the students’ attention to be on the film at all times - the dialogue is brisk and some gems are hidden in the interviews; look down to write notes and you might miss something!

Phones will be expected to be TURNED OFF (not simply on silent) for the duration and we welcome tutors’ support in encouranging this.

Will you be leaving anything behind for the students?

All students will be given materials to take away so that they can engage further with the topics raised in the film, and refer to both this website and the creators’ websites for more information and updates.

Can students bring portfolios to show you?

Portfolio reviews aren’t part of the Stupid Enough session, since there is already quite a lot of ground to cover, but students are welcome to contact us about booking a folio consultation at our studio:

If your college would like the Inkymole team to visit for any other reason - final show gradings, folio reviews, talks, presentations or advice - get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Will the students be able to contact the interviewees via Stupid Enough?

No, we will not be sharing contributors’ details, though students are encouraged to explore the individual creatives’ own websites and online presences.

Will there be a Stupid Enough 2?

We don’t know - possibly, since there are plenty more colleagues who we know have the relevent life and career experience!