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Marco Eastwood, London College of Communication

           The Stupid Enough event that we hosted was an absolute success. The team from Inkymole gave a great presentation to our students and the film was really inspirational.

It was great to hear about the variety of experiences these artists went through to make it in their industries and it gave our students a real look into their future opportunities. What was even more valuable was the time that the team spent with individual students giving them some mentoring and professional advice from the wealth of experience they have working day in day out in industry. I think it has been more than worth it for our students and they’ve gained a lot from the experience.

Barbara Jossi, Mid-Kent College

        I just wanted to say a very big thanks for all your time today. We all had a brilliant time and the day was really useful for the students. I’ve had so much excellent feedback and they were certainly inspired by the presentation. They also really liked the 121 aspect of your feedback on their portfolios and work, etc.; certainly they felt this was very beneficial.

Peter Hopkins, DLD College, London

          This was truly inspiring to students and tutors alike. We were delighted to welcome  Sarah to DLD College to give a public lecture and show her film. Sarah is one of the UK’s (if not Europe’s) leading illustrators/typographers.

What struck me was how individual her own sense of design is (you can recognise her style whatever item she is designing), and yet be so internationally successful.  This shows that you don’t need to be bland, or appeal to the lowest common denominator,  to be commercially popular. Inkymole's film ‘Stupid Enough’ introduced us to a number of creative people who had also found success.  This was a series of interviews with individuals who have been ‘stupid enough’ to turn creative risks into successful commercial careers. This included composers, artists, fashion designer etc. She was an excellent and engaging speaker, and we hope to welcome her back next year.

George Hart, Deputy Head, School of Illustration, Birmingham City University

          The lecture and film ‘Stupid Enough’ really hit home the realities of life in the creative industries. For our students it addressed some of the misunderstandings and preconceptions of what it takes to get into the creative industries and also how one can sustain a creative and fulfilling career.


I think what was really positive about the film was the clear advice and insight it communicated from a wide range of professionals within diverse creative disciplines. It was also a reality check on the amount of hard work and drive that is required if you want to succeed, and that one should never give up on your passion and recognize the persistence that is needed.


After the event you could see the impact the film had on the students. It had clearly connected to them, which was demonstrated by the line of students wanting to talk

at the end.

I also discussed the film with a number of students and they relayed how inspiring and useful it had been in terms of looking at how they could better focus their own plans and what is needed personally in pursuing a successful career in the creative industries.