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We’ve all seen those terrifying online lists of the '10 things you need to do' to ensure you get where you want to be, creatively and professionally.

These things are well-intentioned and can be helpful, but can also become a sack of 10 (or more, sometimes) sticks to beat yourself with. What if you hate social networking? What if you live on a remote island? What if you shy away from those ‘crucial’ social gatherings? What if you’re hopeless at paperwork? And cold-calling terrifies you? What if you simply don’t want to follow someone else’s ‘list of ten things’?

They can give the misleading impression that these are the magical steps - and the only ones. Follow them, and success can’t fail to come - ‘one size fits all’.

Stupid Enough is a film in which eight successful and creative people (and they will share their own definition of those words) share their experiences on how they reached their present stage, whatever that might be.

They’re all very, very different. They’ve all tried and failed, struggled, succeeded, cocked up, learned, and kept going. None of them started out with a list of rules or a guidebook. They were stupid enough to have a go, and find their way by applying their natural creativity to every aspect of their business.

And they’re still doing it.

Creative businesses can be organic, unique, messy. They can be silly and unpredictable, and very...human. Watch how these humans are giving it their best shot.

Creativity is just being stupid enough not to know when something isnt possible and doing it anyway - Gareth Edwards, Film Director


Sage Francis // musician

Jonathan Levine // gallery owner

Gareth Edwards // film director

DJ Food // DJ, designer and musician

Rebecca Lewis // talent agent, music

Louisa St Pierre // agency director and illustrator

Jed Smith // chef

Tom Hare // willow artist

'Stupid Enough' is a realisation that everyone’s route

to a creative business is different.